Map & Location

KOH SAMUI is Thailand's third largest island and the largest in a group of nearly 100 tropical islands in the Gulf of Thailand. Known as the Samui Archipelago, only three islands besides Samui are inhabited: Koh Tan, Koh Phangan and Kho Tao. Dense tropical jungle and mountains rising to a height of 600 m cover Samui. Not to forget nearly 3 millions coconut trees, some over 100 years old and 35 m tall. The island is marked by sandy beaches, green mountainous interiors, coral reefs and a warm tropical climate.

The modern island history began with the first settlers from Hainan Island (China) who came here almost 150 years ago. It was however first recorded on a Ming Dynasty map around 1,500 AD. Muslim fishermen were too later settle in the South and East. During the 17th and 18th century the island came under the rule of Nakhon SiThammarat and eventually under the direct rule of Siam.

The island is rightly known for its beaches. The longest and most popular is Chaweng Beach and the Banana Fan Sea Resort is located right in the center, with the whitest powder sand and cleanest part of the beach overlooking the Gulf of Thailand.

Distances from Banana Fan Sea Resort to:

  Distance Time By
Samui Airport 12 km 20 mins Car
Ferry Jetty 38 km 45 mins Car
Na Thon (Downtown Koh Samui) 22 km 30 mins Car
Shopping area walking distance (across the street)